With an undertone of bergamot and ylang ylang, this candle will bring the beautiful smell of a rose garden into your home.


Fun fact:  the number of roses a loved one once gave you held hidden meanings:


  • one rose means love at first sight
  • two roses symbolise a shared and deep love
  • three roses is the traditional three month anniversary but also "I love you"
  • six roses say "I’m infatuated with you"
  • nine roses convey "I want to be with you forever"
  • ten roses say "you’re perfect"
  • twelve roses mean "be mine"
  • fifteen roses mean "I'm sorry"


£10.00 Regular Price
£6.00Sale Price
  • 100% natural soy wax
    100% bergamot essential oil
    Rose garden fragrance oil
    100% ylang ylang essential oil
    Eco cotton wicks


    Travel tin with lid is 180g with a burning time of approximately 35 hours
    Glass is 210g with a burning time of approximately 40 hours


    Aluminium tin measurements:  60mm H x 75mm D
    Glass measurements:  93mm H x 78mm D


    We endeavour to use only the most natural, animal cruelty-free products when making the candles, with no colorants or dyes used.  The candles are hand-poured into re-usable glass or aluminium tin containers, with the labelling and outer packaging all being recycable paper where possible.


    The candles are hand-crafted in Yorkshire