Chill Outside

Welcome to the Outdoor Collection!


These 3 wick essential oil blended with soy wax candles will be the perfect finishing touch to your patio or balcony table whilst making the most of the English summer.  Speaking of which, they come with a free cement tray* which doubles up as a cover enabling the pot to be left outside during summer showers.


Each cement pot, handmade by Ticking Clocks, comes with its own endearing characteristics, hand painted and coated twice with a water proof seal.  They have a rugged exterior finish that can add charm to your outside area.  The pots can be recycled after, perhaps used to hold plants (please note there isn't a drainage hole so suggest small individual pots).


This candle is a combination of neroli light, lavender and frankincense essential oils, whose properties are known to help soothe stress, anxiety and depression. Lavender has also been known to repel insects such as moths, flies and mosquitoes.


* Please note there will be only one tray included with each order.  We will do our best to match to the colour pot bought but if not able to then the default colour will be natural.   They are less sturdy than the pots so remember to handle gently.


Chill Outside

  • Top note - neroli light essential oil
    Middle/heart note - lavender essential oil
    Base note - frankincense essential oil


    100% natural soy wax
    Eco cotton wicks


    Pot measurements:  165mm L x 80mm W x 75mm H


    We endeavour to use only the most natural, animal cruelty-free products when making the candles, with no colorants or dyes used.  The candles are hand-poured into re-usable containers, with the labelling and outer packaging all being recycable paper where possible.


    The candles are hand-crafted in Yorkshire.