CHILL - "to relax after you have done something tiring or stressful...."


                                                                      Verb meaning, Collins Dictionary


This candle is a combination of neroli light, lavender and frankincense essential oils, whose properties are known to help soothe stress, anxiety and depression. Lavender is also known for aiding insomnia.


However, the candle is also about the calming and wonderful aroma it will bring to your home.


  • Top note - neroli light essential oil
    Middle/heart note - lavender essential oil
    Base note - frankincense essential oil


    100% natural soy wax
    Eco cotton wicks


    Travel tin with lid is 180g with a burning time of approximately 35 hours
    Glass is 210g with a burning time of approximately 40 hours


    Aluminium tin measurements:  60mm H x 75mm D
    Glass measurements:  93mm H x 78mm D


    We endeavour to use only the most natural, animal cruelty-free products when making the candles, with no colorants or dyes used.  The candles are hand-poured into re-usable glass or aluminium tin containers, with the labelling and outer packaging all being recycable paper where possible.


    The candles are hand-crafted in Yorkshire.