A story of creating


Meet Deborah

I have always been a hobby person, creating things to give as a gift and I will usually have a project on the go.  Friends and family can confirm they have been a recipient of at least one of my homemade presents over the years - soaps, jewellery,  rhubarb gin, limoncello and even framed photographs, being that I am very into photography!

My home has always been full of candles as I love the ambience they can bring to a room.  It was therefore only a matter of time before I started creating scented candles to give as gifts and lead me to sharing  my love for fragrance candles on a larger scale with the world!  


However, being a perfectionist I was drawn to the aromatherapy side of a scented candle and how the different combinations of essential oils can enhance a mood or uplift spirits when blended together.  I decided my first collection of Ticking Clocks candles would be of different blends to help different moods - welcome to the Verb Collection, each candle comes with a purpose, ie to Uplift, to Calm, etc.  


They are not just candles that bring a wonderful long lasting scent into a home but will hopefully also with the right blends provide a sense of well-being.


More collections will be coming - I have so many ideas!  The Flower Power range is next on the agenda.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my candle creations!

(Creator of Ticking Clocks)